Inspiring creators to honor their wanderlust and intuition


Going Wilde is more than just a blog or my creative outlet, it’s a lifestyle. A place to create, share adventures, and also seasons of rest. But most importantly, it is meant to be an inspiration for other creators out there. An encouragement to embrace your wanderlust and intuition and be the most fulfilled individual you can possibly be.

That’s what I’m working towards.

Hi, I’m Liza. Welcome to my little slice of the World Wide Web.

Like you, I’m a creator of many things, who thrives on new experiences as much as curling up with a good book and my furbabies.

Mad coder behind Liza Wilde Co. , and co-host of the Do It Scared podcast, I am a creative at heart who loves to-do lists and getting things done. Going Wilde was created out of a desire to cultivate creativity in myself, but also inspire others to do the same. I believe it’s a practice as much as it’s a gift. I also write about creativity and inspiration over at The Tesserae Collective with some of my gal pals.

“Ideas are driven by a single impulse: to be made manifest.” – Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Why Wilde with an “e”?

Wilde isn’t my maiden name. It isn’t even my married name. But it’s a part of me that I finally had the courage to embrace.

In June of 2016, I legally changed my last name to “Wilde”. This was a change that was a long time coming, but it felt 100% honest to who I was.

And that’s what I want Going Wilde to be about – being 100% honest with yourself and honoring the incredible person you are.

Find me at:

Liza Wilde Co., my online creative agency, where I help creative entrepreneurs craft their brand and manage their projects. I also like writing about social media and all things related to being a boss.

Do It Scared, a podcast where I talk with Danielle Schnakenberg of Feather & Wild, and guests about stepping out of your comfort zone and accomplishing some truly amazing shit. You can subscribe on iTunes so you don’t miss a single inspiring episode!

The Tesserae Collective, a creativity and inspiration group blog I started with a few amazing women I’ve met.