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Seasons of Rest

Why I stopped blogging before I even got started.

I love writing, and consider myself a blogger. But if I look at my blogging record, I’m a little embarrassed. My previous blog Cake & Cocktails, I closed a few years ago to focus on my web design career. And when I started Going Wilde at the end of 2016, I had the best of intentions. So then why did I leave in November, and can I still consider myself a blogger?

The short answer: Because I needed to, and yes.

The long answer:

November was an emotional rollercoaster for the entire world. In my last post before I took my hiatus, #lovetrumpshate, I wrote briefly about the shit I was going through. And I had no idea what the next few months had in store for my country and for the world. We still don’t.

But after writing that post, and the in-person conversations I had afterward, I just needed a break. I needed time to process, and I needed to do that in my own space and in my own time.

Since November, a lot has gone down.

I booked a ten day vacation to Bali, and ended up inviting two new friends to come with me – and it was a blast! (Pics to come soon.)

I was invited to apply for the Hacker Fellows fellowship program in Detroit this summer, and was accepted. I move to Detroit on June 11th to get started.

I’ve made an active effort to develop and nurture real life friendships – which are just as important as my online ones.

I’ve landed some awesome new clients for Liza Wilde Co.

I’ve got tickets to Venture Pop Conference, a room booked with the Quarter House hotel, and four amazing creative ladies to hang with over that weekend.

And that’s just the start of it all!

When I started blogging back in 2014, I was using it as a way to encourage my life to be exciting. I hoped that by calling myself a lifestyle blogger and creating posts about recipes, crafts, and interior design, I could will my life into being interesting.

With Going Wilde, I wanted it to be different. I didn’t want to share things to make my life interesting; I want to share interesting things on my life in the hopes of connecting with other people. But I had to stop before I even got started, because I needed to make my life one that I felt comfortable sharing about – one that was my own and not masquerading as the latest Pinterest recipe I found. And about a month ago, I started getting the urge to write again.

So after a few weeks of kicking around where and how – I’ve decided to give Going Wilde the attention it deserves. I’ve got a few other things in the works, but you can expect to find me around here a little more regularly.

So yeah, I am a blogger. 😛